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Project Description

A standalone Windows application to displays project build statuses from TeamCity. It can be used on a large screen for the whole development team to watch their build statuses as well as on a developer machine.

Getting Started

If you run BuildScreen for the very first time you have to enter your TeamCity connection details in order to display builds. For that open the Options dialog by pressing Ctrl+O.


Enter your TeamCity connection details. If the port number is left empty the standard TCP port 80 is used. When you press the Test Connection button an overview of your configured TeamCity builds will appear on the right side. Select the builds you would like to display and press the OK button.


To display BuildScreen in full screen mode, press F11. To exit the full screen mode, press ESC.


The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is needed to run this program.
The program was tested under Windows 7 and XP against TeamCity 5 and TeamCity 6.


Thanks to Wendell Fernandes for the awesome free The DelliPack 2 icon set.


All feedback is welcome. Please report any issues using the Issue Tracker.

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